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Yoga Helps Control Obesity



Obesity is the most common problem seen throughout the world. It is found that yoga can be beneficial for people with obesity and it can help them lose weight effectively.

Yoga requires movements such as stretching, twisting, bending and balancing, which helps us to lose extra calories. It also stimulates the heart and lungs, increases oxygen consumption, which leads to extra energy for physical activity and in turn leads to weight loss.

Yoga is the best practice to lose weight slowly. Some of the yoga postures that help in our weight loss are sun salutations, cobra pose, the two alterations of bridge pose (face up and face down), spinal twist, etc.

Meditation, which is another form of yoga, also helps us in losing weight. Practising yoga regularly helps us to gain control over food intake. It also helps to strengthen our muscles, leading to greater physical activity.

Pranayama, breathing exercises of yoga has profound health benefits. During breathing, most of the toxic elements are eliminated from the body and thus help to maintain good health.

Thus, if yoga postures are followed daily and correctly along with healthy food habits, then we can effectively lose weight and maintain good health.


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