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Unique Spirulina Algae Ingredient – Cyactiv

Spirulina Microalgae ingredients suppliers Desert Lake Technologies has changed its name to Cerule and has unveiled its new corporate image along with its new spirulina extract Cyactiv.

Cyactiv is a unique spirulina algae ingredient which has benefits to inflammation and its effects come from the ingredients unique makeup.

The ingredient contains both spirulina’s phycocyanin and non-phycocyanin compounds (proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, etc.) which enable the ingredient to provide systemic inflammation management.

For instance, the phycocyanin compounds help inhibit the activity of inflammatory enzymes COX-2 and its non-phycocyanin compounds play a role in inhibiting the inflammatory enzyme lipoxygenase.

Cyactiv also help to reduce production of prostaglandins, the messaging compounds that contribute to physical discomfort, and helps protect cells from oxidative stress and inhibits free radical production.

Human studies have shown that the ingredient alleviates mild to moderate discomfort in the joints and muscles during physical activity and at rest.


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