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Study says that Healthy Weight can Help Type II Diabetes Patients Maintain their Health


healthy weight


A new study has shown that, by reducing weight, through dieting and exercise, type II diabetes patients can maintain their health and thus reduce the number of visits to hospital and also the health related costs.

The research study involved 5,121 people with type II diabetes. Half of the group were assigned to intensive lifestyle intervention (ILI) and the other half were assigned to diabetes support and education programs (DSE). The participants were tracked for 11 years.

Intensive lifestyle intervention refers to those practices such as exercise and diet for maintaining good health.

The results showed that those people in the ILI group were able to have 11% fewer hospitalizations than those in DSE programs. Also, they were able to take less prescriptive medication on an average and thus reduce the health related costs.

Thus a healthy lifestyle which includes weight loss and diet can significantly help us to control and prevent diabetes.


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