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Research Says that Hibiscus Tea can Lower Blood Pressure

Hibiscus tea


New study has found that a common herb, hibiscus, can safely and significantly reduce blood pressure.

High blood pressure is the most common medical condition. Untreated high blood pressure significantly increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and sudden death. Thirty-five per cent of stroke and heart attack as well is 50 per cent of congestive heart failure is directly related to high blood pressure.

Hibiscus is a common flowering plant that can be found at most nurseries and florists. The flowers are used for making tea. Hibiscus flowers, when dry, can also be eaten.

Hibiscus contains a number of medicinal compounds that lower blood pressure. There are some compounds that act as a diuretic (water pill) and other compounds that act by reducing the activity of angiotensin converting enzyme. Elevated levels of angiotensin converting enzyme is a direct cause of high blood pressure.

Research studies have shown that people with high blood pressure who consumed three or more cups of hibiscus tea per day had significant reductions in their blood pressures.

A recent placebo-controlled clinical trial demonstrated that even healthy individuals whose blood pressure was in the pre-hypertensive stage had normalization of their blood pressure after drinking three or more cups of hibiscus tea per day.

Although medications are important, most chronic illnesses can be treated easily by simple lifestyle choices. Having a few cups of hibiscus tea daily is a good choice.


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