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Pharmafreak Launches a New Health Supplement


greens freak


Pharmafreak, a well-known supplements manufacturer has launched a new product called Greens freak for the people to gain optimal health and performance capabilities. Greens freak has joined the list of other healthy supplements which had been launched earlier.

The Greens freak is said to be made using the world’s most concentrated green foods like Spirulina, High CGF Chlorella, Alfalfa and Wheat Grass. The team of Pharmafreak has spent years of research for making this product.

A few health benefits of the ingredients added to the supplement are:

Spirulina – blue green algae rich in protein content and has high amounts of antioxidants in it.   It helps in maintaining a healthy immune system and a body.

High-CGF Chlorella – single celled alga that is rich in chlorophyll and has high contents of proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, fibre and nucleic acids that are essential for the body. This too is said to maintain healthy immune system and healthy body.

Barley – rich source of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients that help to keep a body healthy with a stronger immunity.

Wheat grass – contain lot of minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for the body. The high amounts of chlorophyll in it act as the best detoxifying agents for the body.

There are also other ingredients added such as spinach, Brown Rice Bran, Beet root juice, Parsley and more which are added in correct proportions to meet the vitamin, mineral and nutrient content of the body.

The highlight of this supplement is that it has no added colours or flavours. Thus it is said to be completely natural and safe to be consumed.

Source: know more about the product.

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