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New Study Reveals Omega-3s Help Quit Smoking

Omega-3 fatty acids A new study has found that taking omega-3 supplements help to reduce nicotine cravings and the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

Smoking is known to reduce essential fatty acids in the brain, particularly omega-3 fatty acids. This can lead to brain cell damage, interrupting neurotransmission in areas of brain associated pleasure and satisfaction.

Earlier studies have also found that imbalance in omega-3 is also related to mental health, depression and the ability to cope with pressure and stress.

The current study on the use of omega-3 to quit smoking was conducted by Dr. Rabinovitz Shenkar, University of Haifa.

The study involved 48 participants aged 18 to 45 who smoked around 10-14 cigarettes per day. They were given 5 capsules of omega-3 fatty acids supplement on a daily basis.

The results showed that after 30 days, the participants had reduced their smoking by 2 cigarettes per day.

The study thus says that omega-3 supplements could help smokers to quit smoking.


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