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Be Physically Active to Maintain Bone and Joint Health


Be physically active for good health


Recent research on senior athletes has found that being physically active can improve musculoskeletal and overall health.

The research says that comprehensive fitness and nutrition routines can minimize bone and joint health decline and thus maintain overall health.

The positive effects of physical activity on maintaining bone density, muscle mass, ligament and tendon function, and cartilage volume are keys to optimal physical function and health.

The study also recommends combined physical activity for maintaining musculoskeletal health. The combined physical activity includes resistance training and endurance training.

Resistance training – It is a form of training done to increase the muscle strength and endurance by doing repetitive exercises with weights, etc. Some examples are leg abduction, plank, short arm squats, etc.

Prolonged and intense resistance training can increase muscle strength, lean muscle and bone mass more than aerobic exercise alone. Moderately intense resistance training can decrease fat mass. Lower intense training strengthens bone density and reduces risk of strains, sprains, and acute fractures.

Endurance training – It is the act of exercising to remain active throughout the day. Examples are running events, cycling and swimming. Sustained or moderately intensive aerobic training promotes heart health, increases oxygen consumption and also has musculoskeletal benefits, including, less accumulation of fat mass, maintenance of muscle strength and cartilage volumes.

A minimum of 150 to 300 minutes a week of endurance training, for 10 to 30 minutes daily, is recommended to maintain musculoskeletal health.


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