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5 Ways to Look Younger

Women all over the world are proving that we can age well and gracefully without depending on anti-ageing cream or treatment. Here are five natural anti-ageing tips that people all around the world can use.

Camu camu Wrinkles and Camu camu:

Camu camu is a berry from the Amazon region that is packed with highest amount of natural vitamin C and also tons of other vitamins and minerals essential to keep us looking and feeling young. Vitamin C is also a crucial building block for collagen, which gives skin its elasticity. The breakdown of collagen is largely responsible for the formation of wrinkles.

White tea Face plumping and Tea:

Teas are high in anti-ageing antioxidants. Especially, white tea and green tea are rich in epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). Mixing green and white tea powders together also creates a facial mask that can increase cell turnover and loads your skin with plumping antioxidants.

Ginger and honey Collagen breakdown, Ginger and Honey:

Ginger is rich in an antioxidant called gingerol and honey’s anti-bacterial properties help reduce inflammation. Mixing shredded ginger and honey in hot water to create a tea helps protect against the collagen breakdown.


Lemons and sugars Elasticity, lemons and sugars:

As we age, our hands are one of the first things that give away our age because over time, the skin on our hands loses its elasticity and fullness. Mixing lemon and sugar is a great way to create a scrub for our hands.

Lemon juice contains alpha hydroxyl acid which helps peel away layers of dead skin. Sugar crystals act as an exfoliator and help slough away dull dead skin. As we age, we don’t shed our skin as effectively, so using lemons and sugar to exfoliate can be helpful.

Washing with oil Restoring Moisture and Washing with oil:

Washing with oils is a great way to address dry, weary skin. Mixing olive oil with carrot oil or lavender oil can also work to calm redness and restore moisture to the skin if applied while we are showering. After massaging in the oils of choice to skin, rinse with warm water.


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