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4 Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients

Yoga Benefits Cancer Patients Many studies have found that a structured yoga practice during cancer treatment can improve physical symptoms such as pain and fatigue. In addition yoga reduces stress and anxiety which in turn helps to lower blood pressure and also eases respiration. In addition, yoga along with meditation can alleviate depression, anxiety and insomnia to help patients become emotionally fit.

Here are four ways cancer patients can benefit from yoga:

Yoga helps manage depression, fear and anxiety

Depression and acute fear of death can be prevalent in patients suffering from cancer. Undergoing rigorous treatments can also heighten anxiety. Yoga along with breathing exercises help to relieve the feelings of anxiety by calming both mind and body.

The mood boost effect

Yoga helps to increase the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid, a neurotransmitter which plays a key role in regulating the nervous system and managing the mood and outlook. In addition, regular yoga practice helps boost self-esteem because the betterment in the appearance, strength and overall physical condition.

Help to manage physical pain

Practicing yoga regularly helps to manage the painful physiological side effects that can be experienced during cancer treatment. It also helps to expand range of motion, improve circulation and relax muscle tension to speed up the recovery process.

Yoga community can provide support

In addition to the physical exercises, a support system is essential to cope with the emotional toll of cancer, not only for the sufferers but also for their family. Meeting and talking with others can provide a sense of normalcy and security.

Thus the calming effects of yoga can provide a physically and emotionally beneficial activity for the cancer patients.


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